Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally I get my own blog

After being a parasite on other blogs, I have decided to set my self up and put my thoughts in electronic media. I am particularly grateful to C-1's blog for the medium of expression that it serves. (Some of those encountered there are probably pulling the sycophant card!).
After long deliberation I have decided that some of my thoughts are best expressed on my own blog which will be a relief to many who had to put up with my often off topic comments.
Why do I choose to blog? Because it is better than a paper diary. One has interaction with other people regrading their own private thoughts. And what can beat that? Instead of one entertaining their own point of view, they throw it out there and get varying feed back. (Though some of it is definitely not appreciated).

My favorite pass time is thinking and exploring cross cultural differences. I am stimulated by insightful commentary especially from a different cultural back ground and human experience. Because of this interest I am most likely to be identified as a pacifist or sycophant to those deemed more superior. Of course this comes from those with a different experience from mine and from them too I find a lot of wisdom.

Speaking of superiority. This is another great fascination of mine, the constant need for humans to assume their superiority over the next person or group. I know this too well, my own people applied this concept that eventually led to the Rwanda genocide.
I am not from Rwanda, thankfully (or not) but my ancestors were and thanks to the artificial colonial boundaries the border crossed my tribe and we ended up on the British side.

I grew up in Africa, not the Africa most western minds imagine, but some elements of the images do apply. I would compare the western image of Africa and the actual reality as a man who claims to wholly understand women. Even those that have lived there for lengthy periods of up to 30 years(And I have known a few) still don't get it. Even those that have been born there and are generations into Africa like White South Africans, still don't get it fully although they are definitely closer than the Western Mindset.
I recently read a review of the D'Souza's 'White Man' and the reviewer said the most profound and truthful statement I have known from a Western Author . He said something to the effect that it is an unknowable continent with unknowable people. Even I can't pretend to know all of Africa, and least of all my region located in the great lakes area. but I know one thing for sure, Africans (Sub Saharan) have different mind sets from the rest of the world which cannot be explained (though some scientist would like to think that they can).

Anyway, what will be the focus of my blog and why the title Black-African-Women? Its obvious I am the latter and that gives me a special and unfavourable position in America. But also it gives me a rare point of view that is unseen/unheard and will often be misunderstood.
Also I started my blogging hobby as an admirer of WM. I have recently come to accept my strong attraction to WM. It has always been that way. There is no particular 'excuse' for me. I grew up in a predominantly black environment till my late teens. I was never particularly attracted to BM and there is no shortage of BM for me. It just was and just is.

With all the racial history it is a 'condition' I am not comfortable with. But since my nature seems to be inclined that way, I have accepted it and seek better understanding of myself and those I find myself attracted to.

So all are welcome to interact in sharing your experiences and questioning my assumptions and often concocted theories.
To those that feel the need to offend, you might want to consider taking your opinions to forums where they really care. Otherwise you are welcome too.